Five rules of student engagement for effective university marketing

Five rules of student engagement for effective university marketing

End goal – eventually embark on a career they are passionate about, not sitting through lectures for years.
Success and happiness – pursuing what interests you 

Talking to students as equals . Speaking to young people on their level. 
Mistakes – ambiguous and unimaginative advertising – devalues the learner. 
Students bring an existing passion to Uni – role of Uni is to accelerate that into a career. 
Don’t imply that their future hasn’t started yet.

University of Warwick uses current students to deliver its message. “Experience Warwick with us.” 
Tone – informal, personal, engaging imagery. 

Value of peer-to-peer recommendation. 
When targeting students – know how a young connected consumer behaves around multiple channels and how to use both creative and media that draw on and reflect the behaviour of their own preferred brands rather than restricting yourself to the confines of a traditional educational context. 

More about the experience than the degree. 
Messages will be more meaningful if wider interests are targeted. 

Communicate with students in places they are likely to be. Reach them at each of their own touchpoints, to cut through the noise. Attract them with meaningful and relevant messaging in the correct spaces.

Use creative that aligns with young peoples lives. Marketing ideas that resonate with the current nuances and influences of student culture.                                                                                                             


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