Experiment – Student Workspaces

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  • I didn’t get as many responses for this as I wanted as it was really hard to get people to send me photos, however I am able to get an idea of personal workspaces through the responses that I have got.
  • I was very suprised with the outcome – was expecting more inspiring, creative spaces as they were all from design students. Most of the spaces consist of a computer, paper, drinks, pens, books and other random bits and pieces. There was hardly any ‘personalised’ environments, only a couple had posters/images on the walls. Most of them were quite messy – wrappers, empty glasses, plates etc. This shows that it is a space that they can do whatever they like with and make it their own, not having to pack everything up each time like at Uni.
  • Most workspaces had headphones in them – shows that even at home students listen to music while working.
  • One respondant said she only does her work at Uni so her workspace changes daily. Asked her how she feels about this – hates it on Mon & Tues as classes take up all the room, can’t use desks and computers. Likes it after 6pm when all the younger years leave.
  • Dependent on what they’re doing – can’t read and listen to music at the same time. Music is distracting sometimes. Jazz – no words to distract. Can’t listen to music when concentrating. Illustration major – plays animated movies in background. Inspires her to persevere.
  • Listening to music and getting in the zone.
  • Types of music listened to – slow, relaxing, instrumental, electronic, rap, hip-hop, alternative, indie – big mix of genres. What does this show? Music that suits the individual – personalised. Some overlaps but generally different.
  • Comfortable space – adapt it to the way they want it. Coffee cups, plates, food etc.
  • Composition of music and workspace – able to get an idea of the individual and their preferred learning environment.

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