Experiment – Creating a better space

IMG_1332 IMG_1330IMG_1337 IMG_1952 IMG_1349 IMG_1351

1. Placed on Level D – Lack of responses. Was easy for people to see but could have placed it where there was more foot traffic moving through the space.

2. Placed on Level E – This one recieved the most responses! Someone had even left a pen with it – think this made a big influence on the amount of feedback it recieved. Think that my use of tone and language for this one helped encourage people. ‘Awesome’ – fun, casual, encouraging. This space mostly inhabits 400 level – know how passionate they are about the space. Some humorous responses and some more serious – about how the space is used and what would make things easier/improve it. Encourages convo and engagement from students. What they want from/in their learning environment to create the space that they want. People crossing out, adding to/replying to responses from other people – creating a conversation between the student body. Students want more space, more tools to use, desks and walls that can be moved and arranged for the active users of the space. A fluid, flexible space – adaptable to suit the learner – create their own learning experience. Humourous responses – puppies, squirrels, why can’t we be friends?? If cheerleaders gave away cheeseburgers, bottle of vodka appeared in the fridge for Friday night fun, if there was free beer, if there were mats to sit on like in primary school, if people weren’t so fucking noisy! Shows that students are thinking about the space in more than just a practical way. Needs a fun aspect to it.

3. Placed on Level E – only a couple of responses but they were fun – Petting zoo/ball pit – best response! This is what the space needs – obviously not in the literal sense, but it needs fun and inspiring things. Drawing on everything – students engaging, inspiring, creating, sharing ideas.


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