New building provides a light, open space that encourages collaboration and multi-discipline learning. However, it lacks colour, inspiration and sensory engagement. For a space inhabited by design students it has a very austere feel to it – simple, bare and functional. Creative students need a space that provokes inspiration and idea generation (assumption!) and I feel that this environment has so much potential for this. I like the fluidity of the space and how it is always changing, however it seems to lack comfort and engagement. I think that the space that we learn in has a big impact on the way that we learn and our overall learning experience. It is not just about the physical space, but the feeling we get from it. When we are really busy and feeling stressed about assignments, we need an environment that provides us with a feeling of calm, motivation, creativity and inspiration. For some people this environment is in the comfort of their own home, for others it is at Uni. This can also depend on what is appropriate for the situation. Our stress levels could be reduced by the creation of an environment that empowers students to take their learning into their own hands and learn in a way that is personalised and appropriate to them.


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