Aspects of past research that could help my move forward

Music benefits – “… tunes may work to our benefit on an individual level, manipulating mood and even human physiology more effectively than words can.”
The unmistakeable correlation between Music & Emotion.
Memory, music and emotion – “… we have to acknowledge that music and emotion are both important learning and teaching tools.”
Motivation in Universities
Video – “Hey you! What song are you listening to?”
“Music is so much more than something played in the background. Music has moved to the forefront and today it is an important piece in the creation of an experience which touches all of our senses.”
“People deal with stress in different way and the capacity to deal with stress changes throughout life.”
“… life is better with a soundtrack.”
Stopping the internal monologue to get into the perfect mindset for coming up with solutions to problems you think you have.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – change how you think and what you do.
Behaviour Change – playing an active role in the change process.


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