TED TALK: Sugata Mitra: The Child Driven Education

Put a computer into the wall in a slum in India. Repeated this around the world.
“Children will learn to do what they want to do.”
Taught themselves – recorded their own music
“If children have interest, then education happens.”
Children teaching themselves how to use computers. Teaching without teachers, teaching each other.
Tests – scores improving 50% – same as schools with a trained teacher.
Group work – finding answers on a computer. Went back to test 2 months later – photographic recall.
Discussing with each other – not single learning.
Teaching over Skype -“The Granny Cloud”
Learn about Hinduism in 15 mins using the Internet.
SOLE – Self-Organised Learning Environment. Designed so children can sit in front of a screen in groups and learn, can call the Granny Cloud for help if needed.
Different languages – question typed into Google, translated into Italian and find an answer.
“A self-organising system is one where the system structure appears without explicit intervention from outside the system.”
“Education is a self-organising system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.”

My thoughts:
Children are now creating their own learning experience. Not having teachers – teaching themselves and others through the use of online tools. Learning what they want to do.
Self-organised learning environment – creating an environment that influences their individual learning potential and caters to their own individual needs. Provokes an inspired response as a result of learning their own way.
Shows how this has worked in places with no education system – so same thing can be applied to our current education structure.
Facilitate our own learning in a way that works for us – not the majority.


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