Experiment – Share your sounds

I wanted to encourage people to share the music that they listen to so that others could benefit from it. Encouraging this interaction gets people to think about how they use music to improve or change their mood. These were placed around Uni on Levels D and E to get responses from students. With the responses I wanted to generate a playlist based on each mood/situation. I asked:

What song makes you feel motivated?
What song makes you feel good and boosts your mood?
What do you listen to when your stressed out?

IMG_1286 IMG_1289 IMG_1867

I didn’t get the response that I wanted, but reflecting on this I think that it could have been improved by the placement of the posters – placing them in areas where they could be easily seen and where it is easy for people to interact with it. I also think that the design aspect had a big influence on the level of interaction, I think that if they were designed better and stood out that they would be more appealing to people. The first two posters were up for under a week, and no one interacted with the ‘motivation’ poster. This could be because of the wording, I could try and make it more subtle. The ‘feel good’ poster had some responses, I’m not sure they were all serious responses but it still showed people noticed them. The ‘stressed out’ poster had the most responses, however it was left up the longest – about 2 weeks so I think that this contributed to the amount of responses. Most of the songs on this I had never heard of which was great cause I wanted to listen to some of them – this is what I wanted to gain from this exercise, encouraging people to share their favourite songs and create their own personalised playlist. If I had the time I would have designed them better and left them up for longer to get a decent amount of responses to generate playlists.


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