Experiment – Keep Calm

For this experiment I wanted to use the ‘Keep Calm’ slogan and design that most people can easily identify and use it to generate responses from people, focusing on calm rather than stress and music. I wanted to be able to use the responses to create different design explorations. These posters were put on levels D and E at Uni on the whiteboard walls were they can be easily seen. From this I wanted to give people the opportunity to respond to this question and in a way share what you can do to ‘Keep Calm’.

IMG_1287 IMG_1291

From this experiment I didn’t get many responses, but there were only two posters and they were only up for a few days. Ideally I would have liked to have had numerous posters around Uni and leave them up for a longer amount of time to get more responses. The responses that I did get are quite humorous and I know that people didn’t take them very seriously but it still showed that they interacted with them and had a bit of fun with it. With more time I would want to come up with other ways of getting people to engage with these and share their response.


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