Managing your stress

Managing your stress

A Positive Stress experience triggers a natural boost of energy enabling you to improve your performance. A Negative Stress experience on the other hand, impairs your performance, and can even lead to serious illnesses.

To relax is to do the opposite of stress, that is to be subjected to physical, mental, or emotional ease in response to external stimuli.

  • Better control over your stress: By relaxing, you give yourself the mental and physical space to be proactive: to assess how your stress is affecting you, so that you can choose the best response.
  • Enable your body to recharge: Stress uses up the body’s endocrine and energy resources. Relaxing allows those resources to be replenished.
  • Improved body state: Relaxation reduces your blood pressure and muscle tension, and improves the functioning of your immune system.
  • Emotional well-being: Relaxation brings you into a state of calm, meaning that you are less likely to become emotionally overwhelmed during difficult times.

Manage Your Life:
Dr Hans Selye says it best: “Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” As such, the best response to stress is to react in the right way, by being proactive, using good time practices, and putting first things first. This reaction will ensure that your life is filled with positive stress, leading you to consistent high performance and productivity. Some of the resources at your disposal for managing your life effectively include:

  • Your Calendar (if you don’t have one, go get one now!)
  • Your Diary
  • Your Cell Phone and/or Computer
  • Your parents, teachers and/or managers, colleagues, and friends. Remember, when in trouble or doubt, ask for help!



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