Positive Stress

Positive stress – also called ‘eustress’ – reaction when we are faced with a demand that we can handle. Spark that pushes your body to its limits to achieve a certain goal.
Encouraged to act – growing, fighting, changing or adapting.
Makes us do thing we would not normally do. Encourages us to take risks.
If we didn’t experience positive stress, life would be boring and we wouldn’t have as many accomplishments.
Lack of stress -boredom and lack of motivation. Unfulfilled desires and wasted potential. This can put people at risk of depression and problems with low self esteem.
Good for us. It stimulates our bodies and helps us take that extra step further.

Too much stress can be bad for our health and cause depression and illnesses, but on the other hand not enough stress can also have the same effect. The difference is if it is negative or positive.



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