Positive effects of stress

Challenge and thrill are part of stress.

Spark that drives us to achieve more, to improve the quality of our life, to ask for a raise, to fight for justice, or simply to go on a holiday.

Stress pushes you to grow, to change, to fight, and to adapt. All life events, even positive ones, cause a certain degree of stress. For example getting a new job is a positive change, getting married, falling in love, getting a raise, winning a tennis match.

The challenge of a new situation and the stimulation that it creates might be beneficial to someone’s life. It may propel someone to take a risk and take a course at University, or to go out and meet new people, to take on a new hobby, or to learn new sport.

Too little stress leads to boredom. Lack of motivation. Unfulfilled dreams and desires. Not reaching your potential. Low self esteem.

Stress becomes harmful when it exceeds our ability to cope.



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