Week 6: Design Exploration Presentation Feedback

What’s your angle? Why? Experiment so you can get reactions from people and reflect on explorations – test them.
DO IT – try things out!
Good to have looked at theories, but try look at them from your angle.
Music – may not be part of it or may be the whole thing
Interesting – negative or positive ways of dealing with stress . Some people need more stress. How to use it in a positive way. Unavoidable – put people in their stress, take friends, making it work in a positive way.
Take a slice.
Could look at twists on where you usually find music eg: elevators. Do something with this.
Stress is unavoidable – so how to make it more productive?
For students, you either want to escape the stress through music, or engage with it and improve productivity. (Fast paced, fun music).
Learn how to make it more productive.
Why? What would make them care?


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