TED Talk: Before I die…


Share the same public spaces. Share more memories of abandoned bulidings. Move from a neglected space to a constructive one. Easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, sharing our hopes and dreams. Reflection – share personal aspirations and what matters as we grow and change. Death – gives clarity to the meaningful things in life. Increasing distractions around us – perspective. Time and relationships with others are really important. Knowing your not alone. Space for reflection, contemplation, powerful – opportunity to have a voice. Share what matters as individuals and communities.

What does this have to do with me?
Looking at shared spaces, emotions and memories connected to these spaces. Bringing the inside out – into a public sphere. Would people share personal things in a public space? Maybe if it’s anonymous and there is some incentive for it. Generating ways of conversation or sharing around the city. Places that have meaning for certain people, creating spaces for reflection or taking a second out in our everyday lives. Creating thought and perspective. How can music encourage this sharing or thought? We can usually remember our surroundings when we found our a positive or negative piece of news – can sometimes remember more – the sounds, smells and feel of the place. For example getting the phone call that your Grandmother has passed away – you could be doing something as mundane as ordering a coffee on your break. The smell of coffee beans, the sound of a coffee grinder, clinking cups and saucers, the rustled voices of people enjoying their break – these things are all part of one split second memory that is life changing.


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