Positive benefits of music

Positive benefits of music

  • Uses the whole brain
  • Intrinsic to all cultures
  • Healing – effective therapy for pain – reduces chronic pain, arthritis, depression, during childbirth, postoperative and during surgery. How? Distractor, sense of control, releases endorphins, relaxing slowing breathing and heartbeat. Reduce blood pressure, good for your heart, post stroke recovery, migraines and chronic headaches and immunity.¬†
  • Music & the brain – Enhances intelligence and learning. Improves memory performance. Recalling memories from particular songs. Improves concentration and attention.
  • Improves physical performance. Motivating, reducing fatigue, improves body movement and coordination, rehab for people with movement disorders.
  • Improve productivity – energizing, fatigue fighter.
  • Helps sleep – calms, relaxes, decreases anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, muscle relaxation and distraction from thoughts.
  • Stress relief – physical relaxation, help you get “in the zone”, reduces negative emotions, improves mood, reduces depression lifts spirits.

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