Music relating to the deaf

Music relating to the deaf

This article talks about how deaf people don’t have to hear music to have an understanding of it. I find it interesting that how we interpret music depends on our previous experiences.
“One does not have to hear music to internalize the meaning of music. Furthermore, different meanings can be derived from music depending on the past experiences of the individual and how he or she relates to the music. According to Darrow, “The satisfaction derived from music is a matter of preference not handicap”

“Music could benefit a child in many areas of his/her life. Music is a part of cultural identity.”

Regardless of handicap music can be a form of expression of past experiences and emotions.
Music used as therapy to relax hyperactive children and improve many different aspects of our well being and behavior.
“It [music] can express emotional experiences and mirror cultural heritage regardless of handicap. Music can also be used as a relaxation tool for children who are tense or hyperactive. Related music objectives could include improving certain aspects of speech; improving bodily control and coordination; encouraging self-expression, imagination, and creativity; developing an awareness of the rhythm in the child’s environment; and promoting socialization by encouraging conventional behaviors.



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