Memory, music & emotion

Memory, music & emotion

“Memory is one of the most complex subjects known to man. Why is it that there are some things that you just cannot remember? The more you try to remember, the more you forget. Why is it that there are things you have no wish to remember and in some cases they have little importance to you, yet you cannot forget them?”

Some trivial information we would just forget over time, where as other things that happen we can remember everything – where we were at the time, who we were with, colours and aromas. This is because it is inevitably linked to the emotional experience. The strength of your memory recall is related to your feelings on the subject. Something that you feel very strongly about will stick with you and you will remember more about it. Personal experiences such as weddings, anniversaries, funerals and birthdays is where our memory is inextricably linked to the emotion felt in that experience. Emotional memories linger on for years. We remember the sensations, aromas and sounds associated with a particular memory.

What part does music play in this?
Music can increase learning capabilities and enhance creativity. It has therapeutic benefits and can influence our spending patterns. The power of music and advertising. Live music.
People use music in different ways in their daily lives – waking up, journey to work, in the office, to help them sleep, studying, cooking or cleaning. It is so powerful because it has a huge influence on our emotions.

Memory, music and emotion:
Films rely heavily on music to create the right atmosphere. It can create pictures in the minds of the blind. Memory and emotion are strongly linked. Certain events remain forever etched in our minds. Once we accept the link between memory, music and emotion, we have to acknowledge that music and emotion are both important learning and teaching tools.


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