The Genetic Mystery of Music

The Genetic Mystery of Music

“National anthems, work songs, party music, and war music all have the same effect,” Fukui says. “They diminish fear, relieve tension, and boost people’s sense of solidarity. Music moves people, throws them into a trancelike state, and paralyzes their ability to think logically. We might think that we are the users of music. In fact, we are not the puppeteers but the puppets of music.”

“We have a very important step in understanding a delightful, enjoyable, and fun way for people to reverse the stress response in a manner that leads us to positive biological changes.”

“Music therapist David Ramsey plays host to stroke patients who can no longer speak. But they can sing.”

“It’s hard not to believe there’s something in music that runs deeper than speech, something that reaches places mere language can’t get to.”


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