Music benefits

Music benefits

– Fast paced music in a shop can draw you in and make you stay longer
– Fast music while you’re driving can unconsciously make you drive faster
Music surrounds us in many areas of our lives
– Subliminally affects us
– Evokes emotion
– Create inspiration
– Help us fall asleep
– Push us to our limits at the gym
– Aid concentration
– Classical music can help promote healing in the body and stimulate brain development
– Physiological effects – mood & emotions
– Way of communication
– Mode of healing
– Form of expression for artists and listeners
– Music has been used for centuries to assist healing and manage pain. Used significantly in World War II to help returned soldiers cope with the psychological disturbances of war, particularly to fight nightmares and insomnia, and calm anxiety.
– Music can help sufferers of anxiety and depression cope with their mental disorders
– Music therapy in childbirth as a distraction
– Movies and television – music is used to evoke moods and feelings so that viewers can feel the scenes.


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