15 Studied Effects of Classical Music on Your Brain

  1. Emotional expression in music and speech affect the brain similarly.
  2. Music can help the body recover after organ transplants.
  3. Classical music can help reduce pain and anxiety.
  4. Listening to classical music can improve performance.
  5. Classical music can lower blood pressure.
  6. Classical music can heighten and arouse emotions.
  7. Listening to classical music can help you battle insomnia
  8. Classical pieces may actually alter brainwaves.
  9. The Mozart Effect has been shown to temporarily improve spatio-temporal reasoning and short-term memory.
  10. Classical music may foster brain development in children.
  11. Some cities use classical music to reduce crime.
  12. Classical music exerts a calming effect.
  13. Some studies suggest that there is a link between musical taste and intellectual function.
  14. Babies may even grow faster in response to classical music
  15. Classical tunes can aid in learning a language.



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