Music impacts our emotions

Music impacts our emotions

Article about music used as an effective coping strategy –
I found it really interesting how these adults listened to particular types of music that reflected negative experiences that they had been through earlier in life. For example:

“Cyndi’s struggle with depression began after her mother’s death, and she slowly disconnected from her childhood self. As an adult, when listening to upbeat music, she became aware that her core self was attempting to emerge and reconnect. Previously, she had known only that she enjoyed the feeling the upbeat music brought to her as a way to relieve her depressive moods.”

Music is used as a way of escaping from depressing feelings and also to help reconnect with yourself, making you feel happy. It can elicit emotions and change or reflect our mood.

“In summary, while music can move us in an acute emotional moment, it’s also notable that it can be used to elicit underlying emotions and teach us about unconscious elements of our emotional structure.”

Music can reveal aspects of ourselves that we may not know exist. It can unconsciously reflect feelings that may stem from a past experience or deeper meaning.


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